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Knee Scooters for College was started in 2019 in Monument, CO after our founder broke his ankle and was unable to find an affordable knee scooter. Our mission is to provide affordable knee scooter rentals to people with foot and ankle injuries while helping our family partners pay for their children’s college education. Since Rob has deep knowledge of investing, financial planning, entrepreneurship and innovation he wanted to teach these skills to family partner’s and their children because they are not taught in schools. College has become overwhelmingly expensive for many families and our unique systems give their kids the ability to go to college without saddling the kids or their parents with debt.

Knee scooter rentals to pay for college

Our family partner’s and their children learn:

– entrepreneurship
– mechanical skills (test driving, maintaining and repairing scooters)
– finance and accounting
– inventory management
– customer service
– brand management
– marketing and advertising
– real estate, business and stock market investing
– financial statement analysis
– budgeting and financial planning
– “skin in the game” for their college education

Our network of family partners rents well-maintained, sterilized knee scooters out of their homes. This keeps costs low and gives you an affordable knee scooter. The scooters are cleaned and maintained by our adult partners and their children. We’ve researched and tested every knee scooter on the market and only rent the most comfortable and reliable models that fit the widest varieties of user heights and weights. All of our rentals are done online and once your order is placed you can pick-up your knee scooter immediately, 8am to 8pm, 365 days a year.

Our average patient typically needs a knee scooter for 4 or 5 weeks for things like:

– broken ankle
– ankle surgery
– foot surgery
– broken foot
– ankle sprain
– tendon injury
– bunions