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Knee Scooters for College – Colorado Springs

2965 Squaw Valley Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
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No walk ins. Please book online first.

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"We promise to provide you with a clean, sterilized, well maintained knee scooter. Scooters are sprayed with a solution of bleach and detergent then washed with water and allowed to air dry. Proceeds go to our college fund"
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The Urban Boys

About Us

Hello! If you are interested in renting a medical knee scooter and have already viewed the website at you may have already been introduced to the founder of the company – Rob and his two awesome sons by reading their story on the About Us page.

I happen to be Rob’s dad and grandad to his two boys (aka: Baba to the grandkids). Of course, as dad I have been very interested in what he has been up to and have been watching his progress and the evolution of the company. I am enormously proud of what he has accomplished – especially knowing one of his founding values includes “Giving Back”. He is not only an inspiration to his kids and helping them earn their ways into college, he is an inspiration to me.

In late 2020, after Rob had laid the foundation and built the framework of his systemized Medical Knee Scooter business, he told me that he intended to branch out into other locations and provide the same service to those not in his immediate area. I immediately recognized this as a natural progression. I saw it as a three-fold Win-Win-Win in that it fulfills his mission to service many more folks in need of a mobility device while providing a financial opportunity to others by way of a business system that can help them provide for their families – and support more worthy causes through financial contributions.

I am retired so I offered to be his first satellite location for knee scooter rentals. Knowing Rob, I knew he wanted all partner locations to run as smoothly as possible for not only his customers but also all future partners. I felt I could be of help by operating his first satellite location and providing him with operational feedback he would use to further streamline the process before bringing on new partners in other areas.

Having raised my children, I asked Rob if I could ‘give back’ by contributing a portion of my location’s revenues to another worthy cause other than college funds and he agreed to that. As a hardcore dog lover, I will be giving a monthly donation to a local Mill Dog Rescue organization to help provide urgently needed shelter and medical treatments to our furry friends that have been rescued from torturous puppy mills across America, with the end goal of finding Forever Homes for each and every one of them. Not having young children with college needs – this is my way of being a positive influence in our world.

I am very inspired by KneeScootersForCollege and I hope you are too. Thank you.

Bob Urban